It’s my prayer that people with eyes that see, and who have ears that hear, can recognize what the Lord is now trying to say to the evangelical community as the sky grows a darker shade of red this morning. I could not have planned the timing of these events involving Christian Research Net the other website God has given to me.

For thou hast magnified Thy Word above all Thy Name. (Psalm 138:2)

Men and women, the words of Charles Spurgeon in the CRN devotion The True Light, which were written as encroaching liberal theology – "modern" theology – could not ring truer concerning the new cult of liberal theology which is the new evangelicalism and its Emergent Church:

They think themselves the light of the world. Their sophism is an endless strife of words; their research is not worth your study; their knowledge is not worth the knowing… They discussed their paradoxes till they became addleheaded. They refined their subtleties till doctrine dwindled down into doubt; simple truth was degraded into silly twaddle; their translations of Scripture were a travesty, and their commentaries an outrage upon commonsense.

Yet Concordia University Wisconsin brings in neo-orthodox theology through Rob Bell, who denies Sola Scriptura because of his practice of contemplative spirituality gleaned from the antibiblical monastic traditions of the apostate Church of Rome, which led to the Reformation in the first place. And along comes Rick Warren, who also promotes contemplative mysticism, and who has brazenly hatched his Purpose Driven new evangelical religion that says they’ll be a new reformation of “deeds-not creeds.”

Really; then what of the Reformers who were murdered in cold blood on orders of heinous Roman popes, and who died so that you might have a copy of the Bible to see what God said in His Word for yourself? And now you want to go back into Romish bondage listening to Emergent aposate preachers of this new evangelicalism as they refine "their subtleties till doctrine [is] dwindled down into doubt"? And yet, still the Lord has sent someone like Dr. John MacArthur to call us back to doing what the Bible says, and who is right now preaching a MUST hear series called How to Identify Terrorists in the Church.

But if you want a real and clear example of the New Downgrade and where this seeker sensitive new evangelical man-centered preaching of men like Rick Warren and Rob Bell is leading then consider this post called How Systematic Theology Kills People – FOREVER. While the author begins by telling us all that he is not, his words reveal the corrupt heart of this new evangelicalism – its hatred of the doctrines of grace. The comments section of that website is also quite revealing as to the spiritually corrupt fruit of the mystic musings of the Emergent Church and the defense of so-called "human sovereignty" within the new evangelicalism itself.

I have come before you to tell you that you had best look long and hard at the sky this morning because this is a New Downgrade and if it is not cut out of mainstream evangelicalism, this new liberal theology will kill it just as dead as the original cult of liberal theology once killed the mainline denominations whose corrupt professors have now trained these new evangelical vipers in your evangelical seminaries. Now you have been warned…