There’s more to this story at Apprising Ministries which concerns Concordia University Wisconsin *Update* Apparently Concordia University Wisconsin Is Only Semi-“Virgilicious”. In the meantime Christian Research Network has been in contact with Dr. Patrick Ferry and more should be forthcoming there later as well. In regard to the video called “Virgilicious,” which has now been pulled offline my source Darin Goodwiler, who is a student at CUW, tells me that he was able to find out Campus Pastor Steve Smith’s response to the video.

Smith appears briefly in the video and according to Goodwiler afterward Smith’s input was simply to have the guys, “censor a part that said, ‘I get sick whenever I think about [Kieschnick] (that was the censored part) because he just ain’t delicious.’ ” Imagine, as Goodwiler said:

of all the vulgarities and blasphemies in this piece of spiritual filth, the part that the Campus Pastor thought was too offensive and in need of censorship was simply the last name of the current LCMS President. Interesting.

It also turns out that Dr. Maschke has also been asked about the video and he is reported to have said that, “he was crying he was laughing so hard.” Readers should know that Goodwiler also informs me that within CUW the neo-orthodox teachings of Rob Bell, a well known spokesman in the Emergent Church the new cult of liberal theology, is welcomed and “is becoming increasingly popular.” In addition he tells me, “Students and teachers alike are talking favorably about his books (primarily Velvet Elvis) and especially his videos.”

As a matter of fact Goodwiler goes on to say:

Our library has 14 of his videos, as of right now (the last day of school) 10 of them are checked out. We have a weekly ‘youth program’ on Sunday nights called ‘The Haven.’ For about 4 weeks the leader (a different professor each week) chose a different Nooma video to show the students. I’ve never attended, but would look at the notes that were kept, and Bell’s videos were always looked at in a positive light that made theology “come alive.”

For the discerning students (maybe 3 other than myself) and one professor who was interested, I sent them to your website. They were able to get a lot of information from your articles, and more easily understand Bell’s presuppositions.

This is but further indication of this Emergent rebellion against the Bible swallowing up your youth within your $evangelical$ denominations. As I show in Rob Bell in a Nutshell: Contemplative Mysticism Bell himself is a practitioner of contemplative Gnostic mysticism and in Rob Bell in a Nutshell: The Bible I show you that because of this contemplative spirituality Bell rejects the Sola Scriptura of Martin Luther.

Darin Goodwiler also provided me with link to these two videos called “CUW Jesus Parade,” which follow below. The intro placed on You Tube by “Cognate247” reads:

Well, Steve-o and I thought the campus needed a little Jesus in its diet, so we got a band together along with a float and an Easter Bunny, and we had Jesus Parade! Oh, and no we did not have permission to do this.

We should hope not. But if you look closely at the beginning of this Part One you will see someone who looks a lot like “Virgilicious” from the video mentioned above:

CUW Jesus Parade Part Two