If you ever doubted the money-grubbing at the bottom the Word Faith Movement such as in my prior Paul White post at Christian Reserach Net, this video report from MSNBC below ought to open your eyes. In it you will literally hear Oneness Pentecostal heretic and Word Faith mogul T.D. Jakes himself say:

I think Jesus is the product… He is what we bring to the table.

We’re also told that in addition to being a “Pastor” Jakes is “also CEO of a multimedia business empire all based on Christianity; a product, which according to Jakes, almost sells itself:

When the product is excellent it doesn’t require a big sales pitch.

One analyst quoted within brings out an interesting point in regard to the $new evangelicals$ in the other pillars Ecumenical Church of Deceit who are now so ready to adopt as their own these purveyors of Word Faith busy fleecing the flocks when she says:

The first evangelicals in the nineteenth century were often sales people, people who understood a customer; knew how to sell a product… There’s always been this kind of interesting connection between marketing and evangelicalism.

And of course there’s Joel Osteen, with many rea$on$ to make him smile, who “like T.D. Jakes is the head of a Christian mini-conglomerate.” The following exchange is very enlightening:

Joel Osteen: I believe the Christian market is definitely growing, I mean, we see it in our own ministry, just everyday. People said, “I’ve never been to church but, you know, I’m watching your broadcast, I’m reading your book. So I think, you know, that faith is definitely growing al across America.

Chuck Scarburough: God is a growth business?

Joel Osteen: (smiling broadly) I think He definitely is.