In an article for Forbes last week called The Power of Parishioners America’s Mega-Pastor Rick Warren, founder of the $new evangelical$ Purpose Driven religion says, “the Christian Church. The Church, in all its expressions–Catholic, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Protestant and many others–has 2.3 billion followers.”

Rick Warren had also said previously, “I see absolutely zero reason in separating my fellowship from anybody.” So now we can see with certainty Rick Warren has turned his back on men like John Hus, Hugh Latimer and Nicolas Ridley, Church Reformers and brave Christians who were burned alive at the stake by order of apostate Popes of the Roman Catholic Church.

In my article Has the Roman Catholic Church Really Changed? here at Apprising Ministries you will see from their own sources that the Church of Rome has not changed on the doctrine of justification and she still preaches the exact same false gospel. However, the truth is that Church Reformer Martin Luther already anticipated milquetoast men like Rick Warren when he said:

The negotiation about doctrinal agreement displeases me altogether, for this is utterly impossible unless the pope has his papacy abolished. Therefore avoid and flee those who seek the middle of the road. Think of me after I am dead and such middle-of-the-road men arise, for nothing good will come of it. There can be no compromise.