Dan Smith’s website WhiteBoyDj.com tells us:

Dan Smith is the real-life inspiration for the movie, “Dude, Where’s My Car?” He was born and raised in Holy Toledo, OH, and went to Kentucky Christian University on a full-ride scholarship for men’s tetherball. Presently, Smitty is starting a new, super-cool church in Cleveland, OH called Momentum Christian Church. Dan is a storyteller-preacher and is currently finishing up his Masters in Storytelling Arts at ETSU. When he’s not telling his wife, Shannon, how “incredibly hot” she is, he is scratching records under the DJ alias “Southpaw,” praying for George Lucas to film a third Star Wars trilogy, and lip syncing to Milli Vanilli songs.

Well, at least that’s according to Bio 1; there are three, apparently tailored for whatever crowd he’s trying to “reach.” Bio 2 tells us, “Smitty’s (sic) shares his passion for God to all ages and sometimes uses cool words like ‘plethora.’ Dan has a unique perspective on faith because he didn’t grow up in a religious home. He came to his conclusions about Jesus when he was a 15-year-old hellion.”

Here’s the link to his “super cool” Circus Momentum Christian Church where lead minister Smith, “strives to model the teaching style of Jesus, who was a master storyteller. Smitty doesn’t just tell fluff stories to entertain, though. He’s always going somewhere and you’re always left whispering (in the words of Keanu Reeves), ‘Whoa.’ ” That’s right, just check out his sermon series “Superheroes Parables” where, “Inside of each of these fun comic book stories are deep spiritual points–lessons that will challenge us as we seek out a relationship with God.”

And lookie-here the ever-versatile lead minister/comedian Southpaw story-teller Smitty is also, “DJ (turntablist) who plays music for parties and conventions. He spins, mixes, and scratches vinyl records. Sometimes when he does this, people want to shake their butts. Dan ‘Southpaw’ Smith selects radio music of all genres and/or Christian music… depending on the event. It’s your choice. This DJ spins positive stuff without any swearing or nasty lyrics so anyone can come to one of his parties.

O, and be sure to check out his video Baby Got Book and his “Comedy Trailer” below. Simply fab-o…and to think, we have the Emergent rebellion against the Bible to thank for lowering the already low $evangelical$ standards for Christian “ministry.” Can you smell the sulfur in the air?