This article by Robert H. Schuller (article removed from the site)  taken from the Hour of Power website was also a sermon I personally witnessed him preach on TBN Sunday August 27, 2006. Of course Schuller is noted for his man-pleasing soft sermons of self-esteem but in this blasphemous work he fully reveals his love for the creature rather than the Creator when he actually equates man with God:

In Genesis we read that “human beings are created in the image of God.” (Genesis 1:27). Well, if we are created in the image of God and God is a Trinity, are we a trinity? Yes we are. Every human being is three persons in one. (emphasis mine)

This man-loving message by Robert Schuller also reveals the root of his own universal bent which he apparently received from his own mentor Norman Vincent Peale. Consider this from Dr. Walter Martin:

Today we see a specter rising in [the Cult of Liberal Theology] the greatest of all the cults. It is the doctrine of universalism. Karl Barth taught it, neo-orthodoxy teaches it. It is the leaven of the Sadduccess and Pharisees. And it reaches out and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale has become a convert to it.

Dr. Peale no longer believes in the existence of Hell, he no longer believes in a personal Devil, [and] he no longer believes in everlasting punishment. Well then, what are you saved from? What did Jesus die for? (The Annihilation of Hell, CD Rom)

In this article Schuller also quotes this bit of repugnant heresy from apostate Roman Catholic priest Archbishop Fulton Sheen, of whom Schuller says, “I consider him to be the greatest theologian and the greatest mind and spirit in the 20th century”:

If God wanted to communicate to birds He’d have to become a bird. If He wanted to communicate to dogs, He’d have to become a dog. If he wanted to communicate to humans, He’d have to become a human. And that’s what happened.

Have you ever read such foolishness? The truth is the Creator God of the universe has no trouble communicating, His problem is mankind refusing to listen. And let me also point out a very key problem as here we have a flat denial of the inspiration of Holy Scripture through which God communicated with us long before He ever became man.

And then there’s this statement of modalism that even Oneness Pentecostal heretic T.D. Jakes would agree with:

The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity! God the Father; God the Son; God the Holy Spirit. You say, “Well, do you understand that? No. I don’t understand supernatural math. One plus one plus one equals one. I don’t understand that. People of other religions criticize us; they say, “Oh you’re not monotheistic, you’re polytheistic, you have three Gods. We do not; there is three in one.

There are many ways to try to explain this, but I’ve not found a metaphor that is really very effective. And you know I-I know plenty of ‘em; one would be, I am a father, I am a husband and I am a son, but it’s just one person! Now that’s a effort to find a metaphor, but the mystery of God is beyond human ability to understand and communicate, we just know the truth of His Book and understand that the Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Trinity…
(“The Secret,” ACD1490, Saturday, April 14, 2007, 20:14-21:22)

He has just said that God is one Person who acts in three different ways, but you see, this wasn’t Robert Schuller. No, it was Dr. Ed Young of Second Baptist Church, which just might tell us why he was willing to share the platform with T.D Jakes and his son Ed Young, Jr.

How pitiful, you’ve just seen Pastor Ed Young, a two time President of the Southern Baptist Convention, unable to explain the nature of the God he serves. Or just maybe he is a modalist like Jakes? In any event, you can read the rest of Schuller’s sermon of love of the self HERE. (Link no longer available.)