*UPDATE AGAIN!* You may have noticed that these video links for this piece keep going dead. Well, it would appear that someone connected with Cedarville keeps contacting the host companies to get these links pulled, which has been done again (see below). But if this is the case, then I would have to wonder why. After all, ol’ CU had no problem with bringing “Reverend” Beth Maynard in to speak on what is rapidly becoming the Emergent cult of U2, so why not give the world the benefit of seeing what are but short highlights from this night of “education” on the Cedarville campus?

In fact in the April 12 entry at her U2 Sermons blog for the book “Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog Maynard expresses gratitude for “the faculty lunch” at CU:


Just a quick thank you to all the folks at Cedarville University. I really enjoyed the various events today – the honors class, the faculty lunch, and the public event this evening – and was delighted by the thoughtful, God-honoring, and unusually well-informed conversations and questions that ensued. Thanks for inviting me and for bringing your intellects and your faith to the analysis of art!

And then at that above entry on Maynard’s blog Dr. John Mortenson, Associate Professor of Piano and Director of Keyboard Studies for Cedarville University, left the following comment which indicates Maynard was certainly welcomed by CU:


Thanks so much for the visit. Good conversation, good lunch, EXCELLENT jokes by me (Sundae Bloody Sundae…).

God be with you.

John Mortensen

Now on the SBC page of the website of Cedarville University we read:

Cedarville University is thankful for the friendship we enjoy with Southern Baptists. In November 2002, the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio (the state’s arm of the national Southern Baptist Convention) approved a resolution to recommend Cedarville University to its churches and to “all Southern Baptists as an accredited, quality, four-year university that embraces Southern Baptists”…

The recommendation by the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio is closely aligned to the resurgence of the conservative movement within the Southern Baptist Convention. SBC leaders who hold to historical, orthodox Christian doctrine (most notably biblical inerrancy) have recognized Cedarville as a place where their young people can receive an education “grounded in biblical truth.”

Well, here’s an example of some of the “historical, orthodox Christian” instruction “young people can receive” from CU [rhymes with PU] during their Emergent “education ‘grounded in biblical truth.’” In the video clips below you’ll see “Reverend” Beth Maynard, Episcopal Priestess and “Pastor” of the Church of the Good Shepherd in Fairhaven, Massachusetts talking about Get Up Off Your Knees; Preaching the U2 Catalog (GUOYK)of which she is coeditor.

I talked about this particular bit of foolishness which now is beginning to give every indication of turning into some kind of a sick cult in my piece entitled Get Up Off Your Knees; Preaching the U2 Catalog. If you didn’t know GUOYK includes a foreword from Contemplative Pastor Eugene Peterson and it also:

brings together U2 oriented sermons of 23 preachers of all ages from England, Ireland, Canada and the United States, encompassing the theological perspectives of the United Church of Christ, the Presbyterian Church and the Anglican and Episcopal Churches.

Columba Catalogue also tells us in perfect Reformation-denying ecumenical Emergent-speak about GUOYK:

The contributors to this book present the prophetic voice of U2. Yet this is no attempt by the institutional church to twist and hijack the band for its own agenda. Rather the focus is on their music, and in how that music goads and invites preachers into seeing gospel ideas through a new lens and proclaiming them afresh. Quite simply, U2’s music is big enough to leave room for all these voices to have their say without anyone else’s being shut out.

The preachers in this book are like the aspiring guitarist invited to lead ‘People Get Ready’, the surprise ‘Mysterious Ways’ belly dancer pulled up from the audience, the real Chilean mothers who took the microphone to name their ‘disappeared’ sons on live TV during the Popmart concert in Santiago.

Several different theological tribes are represented here, ranging from Roman Catholic to Irish Presbyterian, from Anglican to independent evangelical and back. This religious diversity, as well as the breadth within U2’s catalogue, is reflected in the sermons here selected. (emphasis mine)

By the way Maynard’s coeditor is the “Reverend” Dr. Raewynne J. Whiteley, “vicar of Trinity Episcopal ‘Old Swedes’ Church in Swedesboro, New Jersey” and “Visiting Lecturer in Homiletics, Princeton Theological Seminary.” Long ago surrendering to liberal theology Princeton Theological Christian Cemetery also happens to be where Emergent Church anti-theologian Tony Jones is studying for his doctorate.

So as it now turns its back on the Reformers while becoming even more eerily ecumenical and slowly embracing the new liberal theology of $new evangelicalism$ we bestow our Emergent Spiritual Jell-O award to mucho “missional” Cedarville University. Yes, so it goes for this faithful friend of the Southern Baptist Convention, which itself is supposedly an evangelical Protestant denomination holding to “historical, orthodox Christian doctrine (most notably biblical inerrancy).” Uh-huh, right.

And yet SBC friend CU has just brought in “Reverend” Beth Maynard, ordained to the office of elder in violation of 1 Timothy 2:12, coeditor of GUOYK with another ordained woman, to teach their students about some supposed strong Christian witness by U2. Maynard also shares sermon illustrations which have been culled from the muddled music of this secular rock band whom these fools consider to be “prophets of God.” To quote another secular god: “Say Goodnight, Gracie.”

Here now are video clips from The Goal is Soul: The Work & Witness of U2 Part One; Part Two, and Part Three


The clips have been taken off-line yet again. Hmm, one now really has to wonder what Cedarville University feels it need to hide? Well, see my article “Reverend” Beth Maynard: Cedarville University Features A Woman “Pastor” Speaking On Emergent Church Icons U2 for the complete transcripts of all three of these Video Clips.

There you can read for yourself what “Reverend” Beth Maynard had to say in her appearance when she was brought in by CU to “educate” their students about a very secular rock band that fools think are actually prophets of God.