This letter came to me today at here at Apprising Ministries. The writer is referring to a post I put up at Christian Research Net from my friend Jerry Dorris of Faces Like Flint called Brothers Slain in Turkey for Publishing Bibles. This article really puts sick centered on self American Christianity in perspective with what he says concerning these slain brothers who:

worked at a small Christian publishing house in Malatya, Turkey that was a Bible distributor for the country. The murders mark that there are places in the world so hostile to the Gospel that one must be willing to die to further the advance.

Interestingly enough my friend Ingrid Schlueter, host of Crosstalk as well as a contributor for CRN, had just commented to me how sad it was that once Turkey was an important center for the Christian faith. And speaking of Ingrid she is the one who had placed up the post Superman and F-Bombs: Meet the New Pastors that contains the link to Bridgeway Christian Church to which the writer of the email will also refer.

His letter was so heartfelt, moving and dead on target that I asked him if I could publish it and share it with the readers God has blessed me with. And God alone be praised that Paul wrote back and said, “Yes, you may use my comment in your AM Mailbag. I thank the Lord for the ministry that He has given you and how it has opened my eyes and made me hungry for the Word.”

So here is Paul’s letter and may it also cause all of us to remember that the reason God has called us to so great a salvation by His grace alone; through faith alone; in the death, burial and literal Resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is so that we may be His witnesses. Our brothers are now with Him but there are still millions sliding into a literal place called Hell and a Christ-less eternity because the Church of Jesus Christ has lost the intestinal fortitude to preach God’s doctrines of grace.

Beloved, may we all be ashamed and repent, before it’s too late. Let’s once and for all put away our toys and our man-centered ways and get on our faces before our glorious and majestic, great and mighty Lord. Let us cry out to Him to give us the strength that we may once again from the Holy Scriptures preach God’s Gospel of the Cross of Christ; no matter what, to the end…

Good afternoon Ken,

I came to your site after a visit to PrisonerAlert.com with tears drying on my face and followed the link to Bridgeway Christian Church. Now my heart is saddened even more.

How can we tell Kim Kyung II or Mengyu Tang or the families of the 3 brothers killed in Turkey yesterday and others imprisoned and tortured for their love of our Lord and Savior that Favorite Movies, Fast Food, CDs and WHO WOULD WIN IN A FIGHT, SUPERMAN OR BATMAN are even mentioned on a “Christian” site in America?

Ken, my heart is breaking for our brothers and sisters who are being beaten and killed daily for their faith and you show me the reality of church in America; I have no words to describe how I sad & sick feel.

You and Donna continue in my prayers.

With love in Christ,