But they mingled with the nations, And learned their practices, And served their idols, Which became a snare to them. (Psalm 106:35-36, NASB)

Mingling With Compromisers And Learning Their Practices

Over at his blog Theoblogy Tony Jones, a leader and anti-theologian in the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church tells us:

Looks like I’ll be in Washington, DC three times this year. Here’s the first event, and it will be a great one, if you can make it: Church for the 21st Century: A Gathering to Envision, Encourage and Energize Congregations (emphasis his)

What Jones is talking about is an event put on by Cathedral College, a highly ecumenical organization that “is a place of transforming encounters for all people of faith.” And among the lectures that are coming up at its Center for Theology and Interfaith Initiatives would be one called Enlightened Living by Lama Surya Das:

He grew up just a regular guy in suburban Long Island. Once known as Jeffrey Miller, his mother now jokingly calls him “my son, the Deli Lama.” For all others, Lama Surya Das is one of the foremost Western Buddhist meditation teachers and spiritual masters, and a leading spokesperson for the emerging American Buddhism.

One of the Recent Program Offerings of this organization that Emergent Christian Tony Jones is so excited to recommend we make time to visit was Earth, Air, Fire, Water a “short course of lectures [that] consider[ed] the part these God-given elements play in the world, and in our lives,” by Esther de Waal. And then there was this little gem called Misquoting Jesus by apostate Bart Ehrman, who is allegedly a “leading authority on the early Church and the life of Jesus.”

O please, this fool’s bio is a classic textbook case of one who has become spiritually deceived. We’re told that long “before he became a renowned religious and biblical scholar” and “when he was just a sophomore in high school,” Ehrman supposedly “was born-again.” And then he “started attending an evangelical Bible school,” where they tell us Ehrman:

accepted their message of salvation and immersed himself in Scripture. Ehrman was taught that the Bible was the inerrant word of God. But when he first examined Greek manuscripts himself, he started a journey that has consumed him ever since.

What Ehrman discovered were errors, well-known but often ignored mistakes, many of which radically change the meaning of our widely held beliefs. For almost 1,500 years, the New Testament manuscripts were hand-copied by scribes. Their alterations–some ancient typos, others intentional changes–have had lasting effects on our understanding of Jesus, the Trinity and the divine origins of the Bible.

Of course they don’t tell you that there are scores of other truly regenerate and renowned Bible scholars who aren’t apostate and who can flatly refute Ehrman’s fallacious fantasies, but I digress. Ehrman’s bio finishes up by informing those who would go to see him elsewhere that in his lectures they can:

Join Ehrman to learn where and why these changes were made, which have survived to become cherished biblical stories, and which simply were edited out. And hear how his own personal study led him to abandon his once ultraconservative views for a more expansive view of the Bible.

As will all who dare to question the inerrant and infallible Word of the one true and living LORD God Almighty. What these people apparently don’t understand is that faith is a gift from God, without which mankind cannot believe the Lord’s Truth. And if he doesn’t repent of his involvement in this despicable Emergent rebellion against the Bible this is exactly what will happen to Tony Jones himself, along with the rest of the Emergent cavalcade of pseudo-Christian clowns currently infecting the Body of Christ with their spiritual cancer.