In yet another example of just how pathetic the “Christian” witness in $evangelicalism$ has become we have this book of foolishness complete with a foreword from Contempt-lative Pastor Eugene “Message” Peterson:

Get Up Off Your Knees also contains the curriculum for an adult spirituality program (ready for use in a church or community setting) by Beth Maynard, an essay on preaching pop culture by Raewynne J. Whiteley, section-divider prose poems by Sarah Dylan Breuer, a theological history of U2 by Beth Maynard, and a foreword on metaphor and U2 as prophets by Eugene H. Peterson. (Online source)

O please, “profits” maybe, but Christians? Right, and so is 50 Cent. This would actually be laughable except that Maynard tells us on her blog U2 Sermons:

I’m currently at Cedarville College in Ohio doing some speaking, and a reminder that tomorrow night’s U2 event is open to the public, 8 PM at the Stevens Student Center.

In a growing love affair with Bono truly discernment within the American Christian Church is now apparently headed where the streets have no name…