O what a glorious time to be in the internet wars! I’ve been longing for this moment for quite some time. The Body of Christ is finally showing some signs of wanting to undergo treatment to ward off the metastasizing mystic cancer of the new cult of liberalism called the Emergent Church. While men like me can try and bring attention to such Emergent wolves in sheep’s clothing as Brian McLaren infecting the young ministers in our Lord’s Church with his refried and repainted version of Walter Rauschenbusch’s social gospel we just don’t have the notoriety and firepower to take it out very far in the slumbering Christian blogosphere.

The guns of websites like Apprising Ministries, Christian Research Net and our collaborative work Symphony of Scripture only have so much range at the moment. But the Lord be praised for someone like Phil Johnson, whom many will listen to, for his post at Pyromaniacs called Glad You Asked. And not that it really means anything coming from the likes of me but I commend Johnson as he opens the door for treatment of this Emergent cancer now eating away at the Body of Christ. In this post Johnson begins by focusing attention onto the actual issues the Church faces today:

There’s no easy way out of the mess. My strategy would begin with five vital steps… If we’re really concerned about reaching postmoderns, we need to remember that our one legitimate message–the only story we are commissioned by Christ to take to every tribe and every culture–is the gospel.

And that’s not a message about how cool the church is.

You can read Phil Johnson’s important post here.