The website for Technology Education Design (TED), “the official pre-release version of Heaven,” tells us that it “brings together more than 1000 thought-leaders, movers and shakers… They hear not just latest ideas in Technology, Entertainment and Design, but also Business, Science and The Acts …in fact ANY subject area offering something fresh and important… And you get the chance to connect with extraordinary individuals who are helping create a better future for us all.”

In this clip from God Tube it’s pretty obvious to those with eyes to see, considering all the trumpeting of things he’s doing, that Rick himself thinks he’s a pretty “extraordinary” individual. Rather than saying as a Christian – a bond-slave – he appeals to the Lord as to what he should do with his “affluence” instead Warren continually talks about what he personally decides that he’s going to do with it.

And just wait until you see the “Rick-spin” he gives Psalm 72 beginning at 12:40 where Warren tells us “it’s Solomon’s prayer for more influence.” In this prayer, says Rick. “Solomon prays, ‘I want You to make me famous.'” Frankly his allegorical look at Moses’ staff is scratching itching ears at its best. But the most eggregious error of this shallow preacher of the self comes at 19:53 when Rick Warren asks a room full of people, may of whom are non-believers:

Did you know that God smiles when you be you… God gets pleasure out of watching you be you. Why, because He made you.

What a tragedy. After you watch “America’s Pastor” ask yourself: Why would any of these people have left that room after Rick Warren’s self-help talk thinking they would have any need for Christ?