In a previous post I mentioned that when he was busy warping the students at Wheaton College last year Tony Jones, a very prominent spokesman for the new cult of liberal theology that is the Emergent Church, addressed the issue of swearing. During Question and Answer segment Tony Jones was asked about the EC’s de-emphasis on personal holiness and its toleration of profanity.

And this was his answer: In his best spiritual fourteen-year-old pout Tony Jones said: “People in the Bible swear. And we need to re-think the cultural context of swearing.” Here is a minister who claims to be sent by Christ, whom Zondervan–his publisher–says “is the National Coordinator of Emergent Village…[and] also a doctoral fellow and senior research fellow in practical theology at Princeton Theological Seminary,” presenting an apologetic endorsing profanity.

Amazing; the reasoning here is that of a child who has gotten into trouble and then thinks he’ll get out of it by saying, “Well, he did it too!” Now I draw your attention to Why is the Emerging Church drawn to deconstructive theology? where Jones actually manages to drop the “f-bomb” in regard to God’s Word itself! Jones says:

I think the Bible is a f***ing scary book (pardon my French, but that’s the only way I know how to convey how strongly I feel about this).

Really Tony; don’t you think it’s rather pitiful that your vocabulary is so limited that this is how you speak about the Word of God you are supposed to proclaim for your fellow “Christ-followers.” O wait, I almost forgot, that language is quite common among subversive Emergent followers of Jesus. If the reader also finds this offensive then please just take my word for it and spare yourself going to the post itself.

Some also may recall in Dan Kimball and Imago Dei Community I provided the link KImball has to his friend’s extremely worldly rockabilly band complete with occult symbols, which is going on tour with other bands called Nekromantix and Mad Sin. Looking around the website that Pastor Dan exposes his flock to we come to this picture link to things and behavior that no mature Christian should want to be around, let alone be led there by his Pastor.

And even though I also find the above post by Jones (as well as the comments section) detestable I presented this link in prayerful hope that finally evangelical leaders who so enamored with these repugnant Emergent punks will wake up to what these men like Tony Jones are doing to our young in Name of Jesus Christ.