At Dan Kimball’s blog we read, “While in Portland I got to hang out with Kevin Rogers and Rick McKinley from Imago Dei church. Very fun connecting and we share so many of the same values of what church is and the mission of Jesus.” He wouldn’t with my local church but this is also the church another well-known Emergent, Donald Miller, is associated. People keep insisting ID is not Emergent. Right, replete with that ridiculous “Christ-follower” label and its classic Emergent “missional” mantra, ID is right in line with others in this highly ecumenical Emergent rebellion against the Reformation.

As another indication of the Emergent ID here’s the link to one of the classes on “Spiritual Formation” that’s offered through their “School of Theology.” Note the required text books for Spiritual Formation in the Outdoors by the late Roman Catholic monk and teacher of Contemplative Prayer (so-called Christian mediation) Henri Nouwen.

Here we see more indication of the cult of new liberal theology which is the Emergent Church vomiting upon the blood of the Reformers. I also draw to your attention that these books by the Roman Catholic Henri Nouwen are available for purchase at the evangelical “Protestant” Multnomah Bible College where both of these “instructors” have been, and are, involved. Yeah, and it’s only an odd coincidence that ol’ Emergent Dan just happened to go to that school as well. I sure wouldn’t recommend Multnomah now.

And you should know that by the time of Henri Nouwen’s death his practice of contemplative mysticism had led him to write: “Today I personally believe that Jesus came to open the door to God’s house, all human beings can walk through that door, whether they know about Jesus or not.” Is it just me, or did he just blatantly deny the sola fide of evangelical Protestant theology in favor of universalism? Doesn’t anybody have a problem with this anymore? Is the American Church of Jesus Christ really so filled with such pathetic leadership that no one even “protests” this?

For more on Nouwen I refer you to my article Who Is Henri Nouwen. O, and here’s where the link Dan Kimball placed in the blog post I referenced above to his friend Gary’s revved-up rockabilly band. The next bands they will be on tour with are Nekromantix and Mad Sin. So you can see some of the fruit of Dan’s friend here is the photo page of last year’s Nekromantics/Chopped Tops Tour 2006. WARNING: some will find this offensive. So this Pastor sees nothing wrong with promoting seedy secular music, occultic symbols and names that glorify sin to his Emergent church. Very nice.

But as far as ID itself goes, I say again, if it looks Emergent, and it does; if it acts like Emergent, and it does; and if it sounds like Emergent, and it does…then it’s as Emergent as Brian McLaren.