I have become a marvel to many, For You are my strong refuge. My mouth is filled with Your praise, And with Your glory all day long. (Psalm 71:7-8, NASB)

The Criticism Always Sounds The Same

A letter I received this today at Apprising Ministries has prompted this particular piece. Recently on The Mike Corley Program my fellow contributor at Christian Research Net and I discussed once and for all the issue of discernment ministries. We addressed some issues which are constantly brought up in that regard e.g. talking personally with pernicious purveyors the Emergent rebellion against the Bible like Rob Bell and Dan Kimball before being critical of their destructive doctrine.

On that show Mike says that from now on when people ask him about this topic he will refer them to that program. This letter is presented in similar fashion. The seeker sensitive Myths of the Man-Pleasers have been passed off in the evangelical community for so long now people believe they are true e.g. it is “unloving” to be strongly critical of false doctrine. In a quote on CRN this morning A.W. Tozer asks, “But prophets, where are they?” Same place they’ve always been, being beaten up by God’s people.

So in the spirit of me dear friend Mike Corley, if you want to ask me why do you write what in such a way that seems to be so harsh and critical, then I will now refer them to this composite of letters I have received and responses I have made over the past two years. While this one deals most specifically with my writings concerning Dr. Al Mohler, the general principle still applies as to why I am now led by God to write as I do:

Thank you for contacting Apprising Ministries/Christian Research Net and for sharing your opinions with me about how you see my labor in Christ. Due to the limitations of the written language please know that you have not offended me in any way nor is what I say here written in anger. I do believe, to paraphrase Dr. Francis Schaeffer, that honest questions and sincere concerns which are expressed deserve honest answers and thoughtful responses.

That said, let me take your basics argument, turn it back around and then answer this way: With all due respect, has it occurred to you that maybe Dr. Al Mohler has filled his own hands full while dealing with things other than what God would have given him to deal with? And what if it happens to be God’s will for Dr. Mohler to now join in speaking against the increasing and more blatant heresy that is right now openly being promulgated within the SBC within which God has chosen to give him a most prominent place?

You see, for me these kinds of things aren’t merely a “personal crusade.” And as far as my showing more “civility,” it is important for you to understand that over two years ago now I personally quietly wrote Dr. Mohler, long before I even had any websites, as a fellow SBC minister to ask him what his views were concerning the Purpose Driven Life material. At that time it was all quite new to me and I was sincerely inquiring as a pastor who was trying to deal with it within my own congregation. I honestly told Dr. Mohler that I was looking for some proper perspective from a more experienced SBC minister.

But he didn’t even so much as have anyone in his organization respond–period. At least I got a form letter from Dr. Charles Stanley’s ministry. I would not, and did not, expect Dr. Mohler to respond personally. But to simply ignore this request did not sit well with the Lord we serve together. That is where all of this started, and while God knows I tell the truth when I say it’s nothing personal, but when Dr. Mohler also ignored me as I sought his input about the obvious heresy of T.D. Jakes he opened this door himself. Frankly, there are many within the SBC who will tell you Dr. Mohler’s been getting a pass for a while now. Well, not from me he isn’t.

Then in regard to his forums you say: “thus far, he has done so quite well.” I respectfully disagree that speculating whether babies can be born gay can be considered using his forum wisely at this time. And Dr. Mohler’s going to see that this controversy in the apostatizing SBC is only going to begin to rage. Now we see Erwin McManus can openly flaunt the Baptist Faith and Message endorsing his friend Dr. Greg Boyd while leaning to open theism as well as even having women pastors with Mosaic. And yet, the spineless SBC leaders continue to either ignore these things – as Dr. Mohler appears to be doing – or even embrace them and McManus as virtually all the rest of these fools are doing.

Again, using an argument you posit below: “your articles are written with enough venom to alienate genuine Christians. Please, consider addressing that.” Well, what makes you think that I haven’t addressed this prior to even writing any of them? What makes you think they are not supposed to risk alienating professing Christians and hit slumbering genuine Christians right in the chest. The time we live in requires some of us to send warnings to the Church in a style like John the Baptist. This is no “lifestyle” to me; this is my life, to defend the honor of my Master Who sent me. I’m not alone and know this; there will be some after me who will make me sound tame if this contemplative Emergent mystic “missional” man-centered skubalon is not addressed by the Body of Christ.

And in closing you say: “Consider a bit more civility and decorum when dealing with our brothers. Unleash hell amongst the goats, but, please, try to be civil with the sheep.” Again I must ask you, who says that I haven’t been pulling my punches? Do you honestly think you really have any idea where I must live in the Spirit or just what price it is I must pay to write as I do? Please understand, as evidenced in my signature below, my ministry isn’t to the goats; rather, men like me are instead sent to the errant sheep of our Great Shepherd. Trust me; I’m not yet as hard on you as Christ wants me to be.

Fact is I’m still struggling to say all of that which He wants me to say. Please also know that I am not a machine… May the Lord open your eyes that you might see the dark red sky this morning and recognize the time in which you live. I am afraid this is only the beginning and should the Lord tarry things are going to get mighty rough spiritually in the days ahead. You may believe me when I tell you that I sincerely wish I had better news. May God have mercy on us all.

For Christ’s Honor,

Pastor Ken Silva
Apprising Ministries
Ezekiel 3:7-14

Owner/General Editor
Christian Research Net