The intro to this video from Willow Creek Association tells us that, “Rob Bell, Teaching Pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan, takes us deep into the first century world of Jesus and helps us reflect on what it means for us as we follow Jesus.”

Although this sermon is from June 27, 2002 here’s another chance for you to witness the teaching of Emergent Church Pastor Rob Bell as he begins his drift further into the abberations of a type of Hebraic Roots movement.

As I mentioned in Rob Bell In A Nushell: The Bible for some time now many people have been contacting me here to put together some of his teachings in a nutshell for easier reference. Please watch for that series to continue to develop but in examining Bell’s views concerning the Bible we uncover the root as to why Rob Bell is now seriously adrift from the historic orthodox Christian faith.

Meanwhile the Willow Creek intro also tells us:

Jews in Jesus’ day knew that the Hebrew Scriptures was the ultimate expression of a loving God who loves His children so much that He teaches them how to live… Jesus went through this educational system as a young Jew and became a rabbi. His way of understanding the text and calling disciples was radical in His day.

You can watch Rob Bell: Covered In The Dust Of The Rabbi right here.