I personally wanted no more to do with Southern Baptist president Dr. Frank Page right now. Last week he had written me a single sentence response concerning the issue of Ed Young, Jr. sharing his SBC pulpit yet again with the heretical T.D. Jakes in a couple of days at C3 2007 and I figured I’d done what I can. For more information on that I refer you to The Unacknowledged Controversy in the Southern Baptist Convention: Which Jesus Do You Serve?.

In Dr. Page’s latest monologue he simply said he was “working on this” and in essence was letting me know that he didn’t want to argue with me about it. Fine. Dr. Page is welcome by me to press his head as deeply into the sand as he wants to. But since this story in the Baptist Press has now been sent to me by two different readers of my other website Christian Research Net who live on opposite sides of the country I am persuaded God wants you aware of it.

Let me first say this, one needn’t worry that CRN or AM are going to turn into SBC Sites. These were given to me by Christ and as such belong to Him, not to any of these man-made denominations. That said however, when the Lord decides to focus attention on His Triune nature then we had best listen. Yes, T.D. Jakes is a Word Faith preacher but he also tacitly denies the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and is therefore a heretic who should be shunned by the genuine Body of Christ until he repents.

And yet SBC president Dr. Frank Page is “making calls”, “praying about his involvement”, and is now “working” on what he should do? Did he not just say in the BP article, “I believe that we are at what I would call a crossroads opportunity, a time that some might call even an irrecoverable moment.” Further this BP piece says that Dr. Page, “believes Southern Baptists are in such a moment, a crossroads where God is calling them to reexamine who they are, where they are and what is the task ahead of them.”

Yes, Dr. Page He is; but not for the advance of your dominion theology. No; in front of the watching Christian community the Lord has placed before the SBC an opportunity to stand for the purity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to also stand up and defend what the Bible says about the Holy Trinity which is the actual nature of the one true and living God. Dr. Page; today I admonish you in the Lord that you are now accountable for your own words, “As long as the message and the methodology are biblically based, we must seek ways to reach this area for Christ because it is a land worth taking.”

Then I defy you Dr. Page to show me in the Bible that we should allow into our SBC churches a man like T.D. Jakes who believes God is a solitary person who simply acts in three different ways, and that the Word in John 1:1 is not a Person, but rather a concept in God’s mind because Jesus of Nazareth is Himself the Father manifested in the flesh.