Those who regularly read Apprising Ministries know that this site is somewhat geared by the Lord to provide information regarding the Emergent rebellion against the Bible. I have already pointed out in Emergent Church: The Emerging Cult that this movement is the new cult of a repainted liberal theology.

One of the key theologians before whom most Emergent leaders bow is the neo-orthodox Karl Barth. I cover his view of the Bible in Rob Bell and Karl Barth. In this piece for The Trinity Foundation John Robbins writes:

there are three principal reasons why one’s writing may be unclear: (1) confusion in one’s thought, which is exhibited by confusion in one’s writing; (2) insincerity, as George Orwell explained in his classic essay, “Politics and the English Language,” which motivates a writer to disguise his true intention and meaning by using words in equivocal and subversive ways; and (3) a guiding philosophy which holds that the assertion of contrary and even contradictory statements is genuine philosophy and theology. Karl Barth seems to have been guilty on all three counts.

You can read the rest of this enlightening article right here.

HT: D.R. Brooker