Those who have become regular readers of Christian Research Network may have noticed a few new contributors there at CRN. First of all, I am very thankful in the Lord for those that were already there when the website began: Ingrid Schlueter, Steve Camp, Dwayna Litz, Chris Pajak, Chris Rosebrough and Pastor Paul Tautges.

And now I am pleased to announce a few more that have been brought by God to work with me as contributors in this extension of Apprising Ministries at CRN: Mike Corley, Pastor Jon Cardwell, Tony Rose, Mike Ratliff and Pastor Paul Walker. You can go to the CRN About Us page and click on their names to find out more about who they are in Christ. It is my belief that the Lord is weaving together a team that is not interested in “blogging” per se.

Rather, we are led that our goal for the Master is as the old saying goes that we should be a group of nobodies telling everybody about Somebody Who can save anybody of His calling. In this way God will be glorified through CRN as we each stay with the individual emphasis He has given us in our personal work for Him. Please join me in praying that what ends up happening is that our work together at CRN will be an endeavor where the website will truly be an extension of each of our ministries then woven together by the Spirit of God into a new ministry.

How great will this be as Christ grows a research and discernment ministry team raised up by God that is led in unity by the Holy Spirit so that His supernatural gifts given to each member of that body then brings glory to the Head Christ Jesus. And not simply in our personal labors for Christ but together for His sake at CRN as well. Soli Deo gloria!