By Wiley Drake

When I saw that Mr. Carter wanted to, “put aside social and theological differences” I was reminded why we finally left the Baptist World Alliance.

We as Southern Baptist believe that no matter what we do, we can not put aside the theology that is the very purpose of all of our world wide ministry.

I have the opportunity to serve now for almost 20 years in a Church that has one of the most in depth social ministries of any Church in the Southern Baptist Convention.

We have been encouraged to “put aside theology”” so that we could better minister to the community. We have maintained our theology and see more than 2,000 people come through our ministry in a year, but because we maintain our theology we see at least 300 conversions to a personal relationship with Jesus each year.

The Government from the Whitehouse down has said if we will set aside the theology we can get a lot of so called “faith based money”. We maintain our theology, keep winning people to Jesus without any of their money, and have one of the most effective social ministries in the world.

Barak Hussien Obama in a Southern Baptist Church achieved front page political attention, and if Carter believes I don’t think this is a political move, I would like to talk to him about building a Home on my ocean front property in Arizona.

To set aside theology and have Bill Clinton as a cheer leader is far beyond what I believe most Southern Baptist agree with. I would remind Mr. Clinton that if we would have gotten 66 more votes the Southern Baptist Convention would have instructed his Church in Little Rock to church him because he declared June as Gay Pride month during our Convention.

Anything without theology is nothing more than a world view that has bought into global warming, sodomy as a disease, and that the reality of hell is out of step with the world religious leaders.

Only those who maintain theology will ever really change the social structure that has killed more than 1/3 of a generation.

Theology has and will be the only lasting social change.

Sorry Mr. Carter I love peanuts, but this is a bad plan.

Published by permission.