The more the Lord leads me to turn over rocks within the Southern Baptist Convention the more ugly things scurry out from under them and then go slithering into His Light. So it’s becoming little wonder to me why the Southern Baptist Convention Continues Its Rapid Implosion when God leads His Apprising Ministries to items such as the ones that will follow.

First consider this from an article just about a year ago in the Baptist Press. This is the same Baptist Press , “Formed at the suggestion of state paper editors, and supported with Cooperative Program funds, Baptist Press (BP) has been the daily national news service of Southern Baptists since 1946,” which has also ignored my letter of warning concerning Ed Young, Jr. sharing his SBC pulpit once again with spiritual coward and purveyor of Word Faith heresies T.D. Jakes.

This article tells us that Dr. Ed Stetzer who “serves as research team director and missiologist at the North American Mission Board,” has said:

Much of SBC life is absent from the emerging church conversation. Let’s jump in — Much of SBC life is absent from the emerging church conversation. Let’s jump in — John Hammett at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has done a great job not just in his paper, but in entering the theological conversation that has flowed from it… To be in this conversation, we need to think biblically and critically. (Online source)

Really, Dr. Stetzer? Then why do you personally recommend people who do not think Biblically such as Emergent theologian, futurist, teacher of so-called Quantum Spirituality and panentheist Leonard Sweet, as well as “Christian” universalist and panentheist Spencer Burke with his insipid Emergent Ooze the Emerging category of your website?

By the way Leonard Sweet is also to be a featured speaker at the 5th Annual Conference for Pastors and Laymen “New Wine, New Wineskins” February 5-7, 2007 at George W. Truett Theological Seminary of the SBC Baylor University, “affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas, which itself is the more liberal of the two SBC Texas Conventions.

O God, please save us from men who have such poor discernment and are leading so many people into the Emergent Church the new cult of liberal theology. But know this: Current leaders within the SBC sleep on at their peril because our Lord will not be mocked by these Emergent vipers and their rebellion against the Word of God.