Faithful supporters and readers of Apprising Ministries will recall the Lord gave me the unasked for opportunity to be on The Mike Corley Program back on January 3, 2007 which you can listen to here. The Lord be praised He has seen fit to grant me the undeserved privilege of a return appearance Tuesday, January 30.

It would appear that fellow Southern Baptist Brother Mike and I will be discussing some of the issues covered in my piece Southern Baptist Convention Continues Its Rapid Implosion. Not the least of which would be the issue of Ed Young, Jr. once again yoking himself in violation of 2 Corinthians 6:14 to spiritual coward and wealthy preacher of Word Faith heresies Dr. T.D. Jakes who also denies the very nature of God Himself.

At his own blog The Expositor Mike himself notes that my piece T.D. Jakes Is A Spiritual Coward is “yet another appeal for Jakes to step forward and admit he is an adherent of the heretical Oneness doctrine.” We’ll probably also bring up our mutual disappointment that men like Dr. Al Mohler don’t seem to want to take public stands on important doctrinal issues which affect the preaching of the actual Gospel of Jesus Christ in the SBC such as the man-centered PDL of Rick Warren (SBC).

Of course there is also the issue of two-time former president of the SBC Dr. Ed Young himself sharing the pulpit with, and thereby giving his blessing to, the heretic T.D. Jakes who denies the cardinal doctrine of the Holy Trinity. At issue in the Lord targeting these various acts of foolishness currently being done in His Name within the Southern Baptist Convention is the idol of autonomy now being worshipped in the SBC.

O, they can shoot the messenger if they want to, and they don’t have to look hard to find me. But what they don’t know is that you can’t kill a man who has no life and God is also my witness that all I ask of my Master is to do what He wants me to do, and how the Lord wants me to do it so I can go home having been a faithful bond-slave.