Help, LORD, for the godly man ceases to be, For the faithful disappear from among the sons of men. They speak falsehood to one another; With flattering lips and with a double heart they speak. (Psalm 12:1-2)

Troubling Times In The SBC And The Worship Of Autonomy

First of all, in spite of any differences we might have, I do sincerely thank God that He has seen fit to restore Dr. Al Mohler to health and that he is back at work. In fact, yesterday in his Current Commentary entitled Lessons Learned in a Crisis of Life Dr. Mohler discussed his very difficult trial and concluded with the following:

I wanted to write them down while they are fresh. There is far more to say, but this is a start. God has given me a new chance, armed with lessons I otherwise would have missed.

Now I have to wonder if this new start will include actually having someone in his organization at least respond to letters from Brother SBC ministers. Twice now I have written Dr. Mohler on what I see as critical issues affecting the Southern Baptist Convention. The first time was months ago when I wrote him to ask for his view of The Purpose Driven Life in order that I might take that into consideration while forming my own.

I have long believed and taught that God places certain men in more prominent positions within the Body of Christ so that those of us who perform less prominent (though not necessarily less important) labors for God can learn from them. Undoubtedly Dr. Mohler would have to be considered one such man. So prior to writing A Southern Baptist Pastor Shares Concerns Over Seeker Sensitive Churches I wrote to both Dr. Mohler and Dr. Charles Stanley.

It saddens me to tell you that neither of them even had a subordinate send me so much as a cursory reply. The letters instead just went ignored. As did the one to follow below which I sent to Dr. Frank Page and Dr. Mohler the same day concerning Ed Young, Jr. sharing the pulpit of his local church with Word Faith mogul and Oneness Pentecostal heretic Dr. T.D. Jakes. I did also note that day Dr. Mohler was ill but even so I told a few people I did not hold my breath for a reply.

This turned out to be a good thing because I’d now be long dead. And so for the record I now publish the letter here at Apprising Ministries along with my disgust that prominent men in the SBC continue to hide behind autonomy. Dr. Mohler, I pray you are not one of them. Surely you should be wise enough to know that the Church of our Lord is a Theocracy and while so many in the SBC bow down and worship their beloved autonomy God sees it for the idol it has become:

Dear Dr. Mohler,

By way of introduction I am myself pastor of Connecticut River Baptist Church (SBC). I’m also pastoral advisor and contributor for Ingrid Schlueter’s website: []

In addition I am also a regular columnist at Brannon Howse’s Christian Worldview Network site as well:

Please know that I wouldn’t attempt to contact you if I didn’t think we have a very serious problem here as I point out in this post at Slice “Get Ready – Creative Church Conference 2007 is A-Coming”: [currently:

In this short piece I show that Dr. Young is about to share the platform with alleged ex-Emergent Mark Driscoll, which may or may not concern you Dr. Mohler, but when Dr. Young yokes himself with Word Faith Oneness Pentecostal T.D. Jakes this should be of the utmost concern.

There’s nothing more I can do but appeal to you to become involved in this situation. It’s bad enough when Ed Young, Jr. himself will be at Faith Forward with Leonard Sweet and “Bishop” Eddie Long next month. This event itself is put on by Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral: [underway as this is written]

However, for a former two time president of our convention to publicly endorse T.D. Jakes as a legitimate Christian brother is simply inexcusable. As someone I respect I would very much appreciate hearing back from you concerning what you have to say about this.

Dr. Mohler, I thank you for you time and may the Lord have mercy on us.

In Christ,

Pastor Ken Silva
Apprising Ministries
Ezekiel 3:7-14