AM UPDATE 1/11/07

The following is stepping toward an AM e-newsletter as the Lord sees fit to grow this labor. This was originally sent out to those who had requested to be placed on our mailing list. If you would like to be added please feel free to contact me here.

Dear Friends of AM

The past couple of weeks have been rather difficult and trying for Donna and myself. As most of you know Slice of Laodicea was discontinued but the Lord be praised I was asked to be part of developing what is now the Christian Research Network. During the interim God saw fit to increase the readership at Apprising Ministries and with it the workload of researching and answering email questions from new readers but unfortunately support actually went down.

As a result I have been growing a bit weary and tired. Combining all of this with the extenuating circumstances we are currently facing health-wise and the stress that has come along now having essentially one income it has taken a bit of a toll on Donna and myself. Figuring the rate of our current support though it would appear we will still barely make ends meet. We deeply thank those of you who have been so faithful to continue sending support for us. Please know you are very important to us and as the enemy guns fire all the harder at us we pray that you are still in the trenches with us.

Donna continues to travel via car faithfully every other weekend to visit her ailing mom in NJ which is about 5 hours or so depending on traffic. Her mom has all but lost the use of her legs and last week she almost fell out of her bed one night leaving her dangling from the edge of it unable to move for quite some time until her sister finally saw her and called for her cousin to help. Since then she will not have anyone put her in bed and will now only sleep in the recliner in the living room. It is very upsetting for Donna to hear this because her bedroom was located right next to her mom’s and that’s where Donna stays when she goes down to visit. As you might imagine this has become very taxing on her mentally and physically as well.

Regarding the situation with my feet I do still have a lesion on one of them and it is a slow healing process because of the neuropathy in my feet. I’m now seeing a different specialist but there isn’t much he can do as far as testing, braces, etc. until we can get that hole in my foot healed. Since I have been able to be off my feet more lately the chronic pain has lessened so we are thankful for that. The Lord has confirmed my call into this work at AM on a fulltime basis and if we had any doubt it was dispelled today when Donna found out that I am no longer even on the school’s roster of employees.

Therefore, I must go forward in this much needed discernment ministry which God has definitely called me to do. However without your help we simply could not do it alone. Your faithful prayers and financial support make it possible for AM to continue to feed solid Biblical teaching Christians in various congregations that need it. And not only that but increasingly each week I am now receiving letters and phone calls from more and more brother pastors across the country thanking me for providing them with sorely needed information regarding so many issues of discernment affecting the Body of Christ today. Not the least of which is the the contemplative mystical imploding of the SBC and the T.D. Jakes fiasco.

On the plus side there is growing indication that with your help Apprising Ministries is now impacting the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church to the point where I have actually been personally contacted by leaders within it. This can only mean the Lord is getting His Word into places of demonic strongholds and now the enemy’s forces truly know who I am. Now all the more is the time for us to press the attack which is why as missionaries to own country we need your continued help. All we ask is that you continue to pray for my wife and myself as well as for the future of AM. You are a vital part of this advance into enemy territory and despite increasingly heavy enemy fire your help keeps me going even when the Devil is attacking hard.

Again though the trials are sometimes quite difficult I praise my Master for His faithfulness to hold me up even when I feel too beat to go on. Donna and I remain grateful for all your words of encouragement and even if we aren’t able to write you as much as we’d like to they means so much to us. And now beloved of God may the Lord continue to open your eyes and to guide you deeper into His everlasting Truth. Take heart fellow soldiers because together we are making a difference in this Truth War. Soli Deo gloria! To the end…

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Ken