Ed Young, Jr. who is senior pastor of Fellowship Church (SBC), the one responsible for bringing in Trinity-denying Oneness Pentecostal and Word Faith mogul Dr. T.D. Jakes to share his pupit next month, has a brand new book out called Outrageous, Contagious Joy.

And of all the people associated with Christianity he could have chosen to endorse his book Ed Young, Jr. chose another Word Faith heretic Joyce Meyer. At his own website Meyer says:

In this book, Ed Young will teach you the difference between temporary moments of happiness and true inner joy for a lifetime. You will be compelled to live a richer, deeper life by concentrating on who you are on the inside rather than what you have on the outside.

She’s then listed as “Joyce Meyer, bestselling author and Bible teacher.” Well, yes she is…but no she’s not. Meyer teaches all the usual Word Faith malarky including the blasphemy that Christ did not finish His work on the Cross but had to go to Hell and be tormented by Satan before becoming the first “born again man.” Un-huh, right.

O, but it gets even worse for the SBC and this Pastor who appears so enamored with running after rich celebrities. Here’s the link to Vision 2007 where Young Jr. has also yoked himself together in March with staples of the heretical WF Church such as Creflo Dollar and the highly notorious Dr. Frederick K.C. Price.

I think it’s now time for SBC leaders to look into whether Ed Young Jr. is even qualified to be a pastor of a Southern Baptist church if he cannot keep himself from bringing such disrespect to the Church of Jesus Christ.