It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. (Galatians 5:1, NASB)

Heading Back Into The Religious Bondage Of Roman Catholicism

For those who think I have been exaggerating here at Apprising Ministries in regard to The Emergent Takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention then consider this. With Rick Warren himself promoting the influence of the Emergent Church, which is plain and simple the new cult of liberal theology, it is virtually assured.

We all know the fools within the leadership of the rapidly apostatizing SBC bow before their idol of the Warren checkbook. Here in Rick Warren’s [corrupt] Ministry Toolbox at Pastors.com is an article by Emergent Church Pastor Dan Kimball. In this article preaching and Emerging worship: Moving beyond only preaching and singing Kimball explains:

in our church setting, we began bringing back ancient religious symbols and some rituals used throughout church history. We began using some forms of liturgy and responsive readings. Instead of “hiding” the fact that we were gathered to worship, we began praying more, having times of quiet, and teaching more deeply. The more “religious” we got, the more we saw response!

There is a richness to be found in looking back in church history and implementing ancient forms of worship, in addition to more recent ways. When choosing to implement something like *Lectio Divina* (a contemplative praying of the Scriptures) into a worship gathering, though, take a moment to teach worshipers the history of the practice so that it isn’t perceived as just a gimmick.

Herein I actually find a point of agreement with Dan in that those of us who truly love Christ and His Church should educate worshippers concerning this Roman bondage of religious idolatry and these heretical practices of contemplative spirituality which originated in pagan religions and then flowered through the antibiblical monastic traditions of the apostate Church of Rome.

Beloved of God, let’s give Jesus a nice gift this holiday season and publicly and decisively turn our backs on man-lovers like Rick Warren and Dan Kimball who would dare to turn their backs on the Reformers who sealed their valiant testimonies in their own blood at the hands of Roman Popes.