Sandy Simpson of Deception In The Church writes: “I got this email from a friend of our ministry. He spotted it on the web.” Simpson is speaking of an email that Rick Warren had sent to his Saddleback Church. In fact I had also received it here at Apprising Ministries through this same mutual friend.

When I read the Saddleback letter I was personally so struck by this apparent self promotion wherein Warren even compares his own “mission” to that of the Apostle Paul that I sent this comment to Ingrid Schlueter of Slice of Laodicea and said:

Wow, Rick’s like Paul now now. Really coming up the Biblical ladder. The Virgin Mary in “the Holy Quadrinity” of the apostate Church of Rome had better move over because soon in the idol that is evangelicalism we may have “the Pentagrinity” on our hands.

Mr. Simpson has made some interesting counterpoints in this rebuttal that I felt led of the Lord this would also be beneficial to our readers here to see as well. In this email dated 11/25/06, which is also on file at AM, Rick Warren says:

Dear Saddleback Family,

Happy Thanksgiving. This weekend I’ll announce the new giving commitments that are joining the rest of us in “EXTENDING THE VISION; For the Next Generation” PLUS

I’ll be sharing a very personal message on “Living By Your Convictions.”

The rest of this quite revealing email from Rick Warren to his Saddleback Church as well as Simpson’s astute observations can be read here.