We are so blessed at this very difficult time for me physically, which I cover here in Important Prayer Battle Alert, to have God regularly bringing in letters of encouragement for our AM Mailbag like the following.

It truly is a mixed blessing however as you will also get to see the pain and heartbreak which comes as spiritual deceptions like the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church grow in stature within the evangelical camp itself.

And O how sad it is as this apostasy continues to explode through the Body of Christ as ravaging cancer cells that we continue to watch so many seducing spirits marching their doctrines of devils right into the very heart of the Church of our Lord without so much as a token resistance.

I am happy to have found your website. Our family was reconnected with an old friend only to find that he has been indoctrinated in the philosophy of Brian McLaren. I was at a disadvantage as I was unfamiliar this man as well as with the teaching of the Emergent Church. I can see I have a lot of research to do, and I’m so pleased that you have just what I need on your website.

This is all very confusing to me, but my heart is breaking more and more for our friend with each article I read. My prayer is that the Lord will help my family and me to understand the dangers here and be able to effectively articulate truth for the glory of our God. I am very much on the verge of tears as I learn of this heresy within Christianity, but I am grateful to you for researching and exposing it for people like me to be able to be equipped with knowledge in order to confront properly.

I will pass on to you any progress we make as we pray for and share with our friend.

May God bless you and your ministry.

Heartbroken Believer