I present this update to Important Battle Prayer Alert for those who had been praying for the situation with my meeting with the principal of the secular high school where I also work. While this man is being very understanding and helpful it would appear at this time nonetheless that I am just short of the necessary hours to qualify for the FAML leave.

We now await an appeal to the superintendent to see if anything further can be done. Because we know our Great Shepherd Christ Jesus is faithful this trying time is less burdensome, however we are still very thankful that God chose to have this unsolicited testimony arrive today. It’s an even nicer blessing to see this person had been led to AM from Berean Beacon the website of Richard Bennett who is my dear friend and a former priest in the apostate Church of Rome.

And so here is the letter which this person asked if I would publish for her:

I felt the Lord wanted me to write this letter to encourage some of the readers of Apprising Ministries. I know there are many of us who feel that this website is not merely “interesting reading,” but is vital in showing us the Truth as we fight the enemy.

We know the Word tells us that…, “…there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the Way of Truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up.” 2 Peter 2:1b&2a.

For me, this is what AM is about…to expose the lies from the enemy and to bring those lies into the Light where we can recognize them. I started reading AM over a year ago. I’d found many of Pastor Ken’s articles on another website called The Berean Beacon, where I’d been learning the truth about the Catholic Church.

From there I went to AM for further study. It didn’t take long to realize that Pastor Ken’s teachings lined up with Scripture, for which I was grateful. So there I was week after week, month after month with this hunger for Truth…this hunger to hear godly teaching, and to learn all I could about the apostasy that is sweeping through our country.

It wasn’t until a few months ago that I finally noticed “Appeals” on AM’s website and learned of the need to support this ministry. I was grief-stricken…having spent all those months of study and being unaware of the need for help. It made me feel such shame, to be taking and taking, and giving nothing back.

And this is what I realized: Pastor Ken had spent literally hundreds and hundreds of hours compiling all the information in his articles for the enlightenment of God’s sheep. He didn’t do it for monetary gain, or for the recognition of his peers, or the admiration of those who might be impressed by his insight. He did it for one reason only…. because the Master told him to.

And because he’s doing the Lord’s work, I knew it meant that people like myself (who reap the harvest of his labor) should feel an obligation to help support his ministry. The verse that came to mind was, “The laborer is worthy of his reward”, and I knew I could not sit back and do nothing. It’s an easy thing to go to a Christian website to gather information to feed the soul. It’s quite another to make a commitment to God to give support to a man who is not afraid to teach and preach God’s Truth with boldness and honesty.

My prayer is that there are others who feel as I do…that without the voices of men like Ken Silva, who will not compromise the Gospel of Christ, we could fall prey to the lies that the enemy has cloaked in half-truths. Pastor Ken is always there to sound the warning when trouble is near, and it’s our job to support Apprising Ministries to make sure that his work can continue. We are soldiers of the Cross and I hope others will hear the call to join the battle to keep this ministry going.

Truly, it’s our love for our Savior that makes us want to make sacrifices such as this…and it’s His approval that should matter to us. I’m confident that one day we’ll hear those long awaited words from Jesus… “Well done, My good and faithful servant!” Please listen to your heart and do right by this man and his amazing labor of love in the Lord.

Thanks for letting me say what was on my heart…

Your fellow soldier and sister in Christ,