This just in to our Apprising Ministries newsdesk, and thankfully no audio or film at eleven: Well, it seems that Salon magazine ran an article recently that talked about the “potty-mouthed pastor” Mark Driscoll who was an original member of Youth Leaders Network from which the Emergent Church originally sprang.

But now however Emergents are exposing Driscoll as a poser who is really a drab and colorless “fundie” hiding in resplendent Emergent hip decor. And it also appears that around the blogosphere many have “repeated the misconception,” a “recent example” of which would be “Men Are from Mars Hill at Christianity Today online,” that had the audacity to say “Mars Hill is an ‘emerging’ church.”

No, not THAT Mars Hill you silly, the OTHER Mars Hill where Mark Driscoll is pastor. But in a post at The Porpoise Diving Life website we see the record is finally set straight and Driscoll is drummed from the corps and shoved out of the closet of Emergent.

Because, says the post in question, “In fact, Mars Hill is far from an ‘emerging’ church;” egads…and O no…it’s actually a…“Fundamentalist church.” Well, at least as far as this “Friend of Emergent” is concerned anyway.

You can read the full account of this breaking story HERE.