My friends at Faces Like Flint (FLF) point out in their post Emerging Confusion that they “have recently received some comments to the Rob Bell: Bullhorn post.” You may recall my talking about that piece in my own Rob Bell: “Bullhorn Guy” Expose. You might also remember that Jerry, who authored the Expose, actually does open air preaching himself using the quite Biblical Way of the Master methodology.

O I don’t doubt at all that FLF received comments when they wrote about Bell. I also can attest that those of us having the temerity to criticize the Golden Buddha of Bell will immediately bring the Bellites screaming out of the woodwork. Just check out the feedback section of my current article Rob Bell, Yoga Masters & Jesus on Christian Worldview Network and you will actually see them defending Bell as he teaches a lesson on breathing from so-called Yoga Masters in a sermon here. And no, he doesn’t say they are “Christians” at all. Bell simply calls them “the Yoga Masters.”

In Emerging Confusion at FLF they address some:

comments made by Laura on Oct. 25, 2006… What we will examine is the idea that according to Rob Bell, he would rather not see or hear anyone tell others about a coming judgment in the public arena and how that somehow gives a bad name to Christianity.

But as FLF correctly points out in this piece:

The message that Jesus is all about “love” is false. It is a convenient smooth over of core positional issues… Namely… God is Holy, Holy, Holy…. We are NOT… In fact we are by nature children of wrath.

And as I said in my comment at FLF Laura is simply following Bell’s lead in what is actually a classic Emergent argument. It is itself based around a mantra of the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man and the community in which you live. But they apparently don’t realize this is exactly the same social gospel that the original cult of liberal theology was teaching in the early 1900’s.

You can read the rest of Emerging Confusion at FLF right HERE.