As I prepare to move out into this critical work of Apprising Ministries on a fulltime basis we begin a new feature called “AM Mailbag.” This will give readers a chance to see some of the things God is doing through AM and how He is using it to touch lives and change people.

I do covet the prayers of the saints–the most powerful weapon any ministry has–because I am now moving out into the speaking arena as well. By the way we are still seeking some churches willing to take this ministry on as a mission to help support. If you would like to know more about how you or your local church can help us financially you can do so here.

Perhaps the Lord might bring me into your neck of the woods soon to teach on the Emergent Church and/or Contemplative Spirituality and other things related to the new spirituality of the new evangelicalism. As a former member of the apostate Church of Rome myself who also does some work with ex-Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett I am in a kind of unique position to teach Christian about how all of this is actually interrelated.

That said, this first offering from the “AM Mailbag” is actually a follow-up to the short article Emergent Hypocrisy. Here is compelling testimony from one who has been with this local church for years and who is now watching it turn away from the faith right before their very eyes. And Emergent Guru Brian McLaren himself just spoke at this dying church:

Dear Ken – (I wrote you a short note a couple weeks ago…)

Thanks again for all you do to expose the emergent movement for what it is. Your work gives me a new-found inspiration to keep up the fight! God Bless You Brother! I attend a church in Minnesota. FYI, Brian McLaren actually preached there not long ago… as I expected, his sermon was benign, and for the most part, was biblically sound (at least it would have been difficult to
refute it). His message was widely accepted by the congregation, and
because of his “rock star” status, they flocked to the bookstore to buy his dribble – The Secret Message of Jesus.

All are also looking forward to our visioning conference called Kingdom Builders where, you guessed it, McLaren has been hired as the “consultant from out of town” to facilitate and lead discussion. (Or shall I call it, agenda builders?) His kingdom-now message, and call for a “new way of thinking” rings clear, and is taking hold across our church. He’s a clever man, and whether he realizes it or not, is truly a wolf cloaked in fine wool.

Since this “emergent conversation” has been going on at our church, I have always been eager to get involved and to try to at least ask the question regarding authority of what is being spewed about. I’ve been recently shut down and dis-invited. I’ve now been told that I “have an agenda” (as though the emergent movement does not…). I’m now apparently one of Rick Warren’s “dead or left the building” folks at the church (however, I leave only kicking and screaming). I’ve been an active participant in this community of believers for over 15 years.

Interesting that dialog with other folks at the church has revealed little-to-no knowledge of the emergent movement, of contemplative prayer, of “Christian yoga” and other experiential, watered down garbage the church has brought in over the last few short months. A breakfast meeting with the new emergent outreach pastor at the church revealed much of the same. The boldest memory had to do with his excitement and relief that we can now begin to talk about important things like Darfur and global warming and AIDS, and can finally put issues like abortion and same-sex marriage to rest. I asked him about his belief on abortion and he respectfully asked to not respond (spineless fool).

It’s fascinating! Very few even see this coming! I’m simply astonished! I’m just and old blue-collar Christian, no formal study, just a follower to the REAL Jesus Christ – God-in-Flesh. Either something very super-natural (and negative) is happening, or the average Joe is down-right dense and is being duped! The only thing that keeps me smiling is that Scripture clearly teaches that we should expect this very thing to occur. The elect will be deceived and those who acknowledge this heresy will be hated…because they
hated Him.

The more I learn, the more I am convinced that Satan will deceive the quasi-christian masses through the numbing practice of mind-emptying contemplative prayer and it unites the world religions. I’m becoming more convinced that this new emergent way of thinking that is taking hold will be the marker to separate the wheat from the chaff. The path of truth continues to narrow, and the path of the world, cloaked in false truth, is getting wider.

My church will probably continue to promote extra-biblical study that will further water down the truth of scripture. Manning, Nouwen, and McLaren are now must-reads for our congregation, and study opportunities are becoming limited to these writers – little-to-no opportunities for corporate-sponsored bible study.

I’ve been asked by the staff to leave a few times now, but I’m not ready yet. The staff is all but lost, but the new mission field, I believe, is behind the doors of the church. I will continue to try to raise awareness until I’m ushered out, kicking and screaming. I guess I’ll go down in flames, but the flames will be warm and provide light – they won’t burn. I’m going to remain positive and bold. Thanks for all of your encouragement!

I do have a favor to ask you though. Your truth in your writing is on the mrk, but to many, it looses credibility right away because, to them it comes across as mean spirited. I have found that fighting fire with fire has been positive – I mean, that they are so good at erecting the straw man, and knocking it down with their banter about tolerance and inclusiveness. I need words that cut to the core without the straw man – I want to counter their arguments with truth that cannot be possibly misconstrued as mean-spirited. I want to throw it back at them and take the gentle offense instead of always trying to defend. Jesus did it, and through His help, we can do it as well.

Don’t get me wrong Ken, I’m not putting down your writing style. I understand it, appreciate it, and it bodes very well with your audience. I applaud it! But it’s not something that I can share with someone who is new with this emergent movement. Just a thought. I love you Ken and what you’re doing with the gifts that God has granted you and has encouraged you to use! Thanks!

Blessings, and to Him Be The Glory!!
Bold Believer