We praise the Lord that He is faithfully blessing this work as I do my best to help uncover the rotten roots of some of these deceptions underlying the major pillars of the Devil’s Ecumenical Church of Deceit. Each day I’m beginning to see letters such as this one where once solid churches buy into the teachings of seducing spirits with their doctrines of demons.

Here is one describing the destructive influences of the Emergent Hollow Men on a local church in Minnesota where both Doug Pagitt, who was there at the foundation of this neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church, and Emergent theologian Tony Jones hold court. The following testimony confirms the inherent hypocrisy of the Emergent movement, which passes itself off to the unsuspecting as the essence of tolerance…well that is, at least until one disagrees with them…

Ken –

I’ve been reading your articles for some time now, and just wanted to write and thank you for all that God is commanding you to do! I live in Minnesota – quite the hot-bed for the Emergent cult (Doug Pagitt, Tony Jones, a room at the Inn for Mr. McLaren, the list goes on).

I belong to a church that, not too long ago was a Bible-based Church committed to the Word. It is absolutely fascinating to watch it decay into contemplative and emergent. I have been sounding trumpets of reason and doctrine now for a couple of years, and finally have been ousted from from any and all lay-leadership, and have more than once been asked to leave. Interesting that Emergent promotes tolerance except for those who question the content of the “conversation.”

I’ve been involved with this church for many years, my wife and I pretty heavily involved. My kids practically grew up in this place. What has occurred in just the last few years is absolutely mind-blowing! This cult is powerful and hides well behind its bent doctrine.

It’s no wonder that Scripture warns us that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. I don’t think people realize that Satan can make himself look almost exactly like Jesus – he’s the master of disguises. And talk like this at my church and someone is sure to slap a sticky on your back “Fundie Conspiracy Theorist.”

Keep it up! I certainly intend to!! I will prayerfully consider a financial contribution as well. Keep your lamp full of oil Brother!

Thanks again!
With the Armor of God’s Word,
Bold Believer