From the Lighthouse Blog we read:

“The Desiring God 2006 National Conference, to be held on September 29th, will be addressing ‘the Supremacy of Christ in a postmodern world.’ According to John Piper, founder of the Desiring God ministries, speakers for the national conference are ‘eager to speak on behalf of the risen Lord of the universe, Jesus Christ.’ However, one of the speakers is Mark Driscoll (of Mars Hill Church), who is considered to be one of the emerging church leaders…”

“According to the Acts 29 Network (Driscoll’s ministry)recommended reading list of ‘worthy literature’ Mark Driscoll recommends books by Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, and a book called The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Other books on the list include those by panentheist St. John of the Cross, and a collection of books about Celtic Spirituality (i.e., contemplative spirituality) as well as books by Thomas Merton, Teresa of Avila, Eugene Peterson, and Larry Crabb (AACC)…” Read the rest of this article HERE.