My current article Straightening Rob Bell’s Yoke, begins a series where Lord willing I am going to dissect Rob Bell’s chapter…oops, in Emergentese this would be “movement” called Yoke, in his fanciful book of querys called Velvet Elvis. This book begins the recasting of a new Christianity for those who just want to have what the Elvis of Emergent Rob Bell refers to as the “Christian package” their own way ala a spiritual Burger King.

I liken it to the emotional responses of a fourteen-year-old who thinks they know it all, but well…time ultimately proves that they certainly do not. In that above piece I wrote:

One of the most irritating things about the whole Emergent rebellion against the authority of the Bible is the hypocritical attitude they put forth to the public. On the surface Emergent leaders seem so tolerant while they point all the mistakes the Church has been making. However, just as soon as a nasty “fundie” (read: anyone who believes the Bible is inerrant) attempts to point out the Scriptures disagree with them all their feigned tolerance evaporates as quickly as Brian McLaren changes subjects when asked a question.

As a contributor to the website Slice of Laodicea I also linked the article there as well for the edification for the Body of Christ. Now if you take a look in the comment section you will see an “FTM” and my response to him. But as a further example of what I am talking about above you may also find the “response” he would go on to post concerning my article on his blog here.

An idea behind my current pounding against the man-pleasing counterfeit Christianity of Emergent Hollow Man Rob Bell is to draw followers of the enemy into raining fire down upon Apprising Ministries. And trust me they certainly have! However, this is exactly what the Spirit of the Lord has been after because just as in physical firefight at night as these Emergents have opened fire on me it is also revealing their positions in the darkness.

But we take heart my fellow soldiers of the Cross, they can’t kill us; because we’re already dead…soli Deo gloria!