As some of you may already know often after I write an article I will later place a link to it at Slice of Laodicea which is the blog of Ingrid Schlueter and VCY America where I am also a contributor. This is what I did with The Emergent Road To Universalism, I placed it on Slice for the benefit of readers there who may not frequent Apprising Ministries.

The following exchange between Spencer Burke and myself took place in the comments section of Slice. I include it here for those who may not have seen it.

Spencer Burke said:


I hope you get a chance to read the book, I think you will be surprised at the content and conclusions. The assumptions you make above are not based in fact. Your impression of what Andrew and Scott are saying is also not found in their posts.

As a seeker of the truth I am sure you will read the book (and encourage other to do the same) and then thoughtfully post your findings.

I hope you will also reconsider your accusation – “leaders within the neo-liberal cult” – until you have spoken to me personally, as I have with D.A. Carson (I know he would not catorigize (sic) me as such).

To which I replied:


If you wish to send me a copy of the book I’ll be sure to read it. However, I must say I seriously doubt I’ll be too “surprised.” You say: “The assumptions you make above are not based in fact. Your impression of what Andrew and Scott are saying is also not found in their posts.”

Respectfully, so says you. These were certainly my conclusions and I have a feeling that others of the Biblical Reformed historic orthodox Christian faith will concur. I need to point out a misconception that you, and so many in the Emergent Church have when you say: “As a seeker of the truth.” Spencer I am not a seeker of that which I already possess in God’s gracious salvation He gave me and the indescribable gift of a relationship with Him through Christ with the Spirit of Truth Who resides within all of His true children by the new birth.

And as far as my assessment of the Emergent Church as a “neo-liberal cult,” I have no need to speak with you personally in order to classify it as such, though I certainly will speak with you if you wish. In previous writings I have applied my teacher Dr. Walter Martin’s definition, the same with which he labeled the original Cult of Liberalism, to the Emerging Church. I have done my homework and I will stand by what I have said.

I am glad that you have had the chance to speak with Dr. D.A. Carson, I would love to myself, however, whether D.A. Carson “would not catorigize (sic) me as such” doesn’t mean anything to me. He’s entitled to his opinion and I am not going to presume to speak for him. Spencer, there is no personal animosity on my part toward you, but I must warn you that what you are involved in with this Emergent rebellion is no light matter and as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, no matter how personable you might be, I have made my commitment to Him that I will stand my ground, to the end…