Deception in the Databases

Bud Press of Christian Research Service writes:

This is a sad, tragic legacy to those who, when presented with the facts, continue to openly and defiantly advertise, promote, and sell books written by the false prophets and false teachers of our day.

They follow the tune of a different drummer, and boldly resist the clear-cut commands and warnings of Scripture.

About three years ago, Christian Research Service (hereinafter CRS) began what turned out to be a large-scale, time-consuming project to research, document, and inform the Christian bookstore industry about the non-Christian authors and materials that had infiltrated both walk-in and online Christian bookstores worldwide.

What began as a small handful of authors, eventually developed into a MASTER LIST, which has now expanded to approximately 15 pages of documentation (now in PDF). Every author and book contained on the list is from an online or walk-in Christian bookstore–or both. Not one author or book has been compiled from a secular bookstore.

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