As I have said on a few occasions, these kinds of letters are no fun to write, as it seems that no matter what you say chances are it is only going to be misunderstood. However, when conviction compels then I must trust that the Lord is motivating me to make people aware of what has been happening with Apprising Ministries and of current need. I can truthfully tell you that I very much appreciate the few who have remained true to their word and have been faithful to pray for AM and have also continued to assist us financially as they can.

Apprising Ministries Is Moving

Those who have been with us during this our first year know that AM is actually an outreach of Connecticut River Baptist Church, the small home fellowship where I am pastor, and consists of my wife Donna and myself. This is to let you know that the lease of the small home where we were renting has not been renewed so Donna and I have no choice but to move by July 1. It also seems that no matter how well a move is planned unforeseen issues, as well as expenses, have their inevitable way of cropping up.

Thankfully the Lord opened up an opportunity and guided us to find another home, but it is in a part of our community which will cause us to have to change Internet providers. What this means is as of July 1 our email address of apprising@adelphia.net will no longer be valid. Please *note* that in any event the mailing address will remain the same for AM. If this small outreach in Christ has been a benefit to you and/or if you feel led of the Lord to help with a gift at this time, which you can still do through Paypal, it would be greatly appreciated. As you know this work does not have materials available for purchase, nor do we have a radio outlet, etc., to generate donations or with which we can make our needs known.

One of the things we are praying for is that God will cause AM to find favor with some churches that are ready to strike back at the enemy and take up this work up as a mission to help support. If you are a pastor or leader within a local fellowship who may be wondering how you might help in this battle for the Truth of the Gospel, I pray the Lord will speak to your heart about being willing to help fund this outreach which is literally reaching people world-wide. A few churches with vision can really help make it possible for me to be here on a full-time basis and to begin accepting the speaking engagements coming in. Without a doubt I mostly covet your faithful prayers, but just as Dr. Walter Martin used to say, if this work has been a blessing to you please consider supporting us financially as well because you can make a real difference.

The Lord Gives The Increase

I give the praise to God and I am also pleased to share the good news with you that the readership of AM has been steadily growing each month. Because there is no “fluff” among these writings this says much about the strong Christian character of the people that the Lord is bringing to us and speaks to the hunger of our Great Shepherd’s remnant for real Truth from the Bible. For those who have been faithfully standing with us you will be happy to know that there has also been a substantial increase in daily emails requesting Biblical assistance in how to counter these growing deceptions plaguing the Body of Christ today.

We are seeing a rapid increase in Gnostic mysticism through contemplative spirituality within the Purpose Driven Church/Life and the neo-liberal cult of the Emergent Church. Here is a bit of a representative sampling of the letters we are receiving on a daily basis about Emergent:

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my email with such detail! Your articles on Brian Mclaren and the “Emergent” Church have been very helpful… I really see this junk creeping in slowly but surely. God bless you and your ministry. We will be praying for you and your family!! I’ll keep in touch.

About contemplative spirituality:

Thank you for taking a stand against contemplative prayer. So many are being swept away by this error. I was a teacher of yoga at four universities prior to salvation. I came under the same kind of demonic influence that I believe dominates this movement. It is the same spirit, dressed up like a Christian–but not the true Spirit of God.

About Richard Foster…

I attend a Southern Baptist church…our
Youth Pastor was delivering his sermon to the kids and just as I
stepped in the door, I heard him say “Richard Foster, a contemporary
theologian says…” Quotes by Richard Foster in the
youth area of my church!!!

Do you have a short, “bullet point” style document that
shares the points of doctrinal error that Richard Foster preaches? I want to have something to leave with the Youth Pastor that makes him reconsider his use of Richard Foster teachings. Any help you could offer would be sincerely appreciated.

About the apostate Church of Rome:

Your passion and zeal for, “…rightly dividing…”, GODS WORD is clearly expressed in your writing as is your righteous anger at those persons, “…that have crept in unawares…” and are deceiving many…The subtle deception Satan has created in and through the Roman Catholic Church is utterly mind boggling.

My heart breaks for the multitudes of sincere Catholics who are as lost as lost can be and now with ever growing speed much of historic protestant Christianity is heading “back to Rome”. Surely this is the apostasy mentioned in 2Th. 2:3… I look forward to additional sound biblical exegesis from you and be assured you and your ministry will be in my prayers.

And finally…

I came across your web ministry via the “Be Alert” newsletter. I’m sure glad I did. It really assures me again that there are people like you who only wish to walk according to the will and the doctrines of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus the Christ. Praise the Lord! I hold people like Dave Hunt and Jacob Prasch in high esteem and thank God for their ministries. Now I’ve added yours to my list as well. God bless you and I will endeavor to remember you in my prayers for protection and wisdom.

For those who have been such an encouragement for us this first year of ministry we offer you our sincere heartfelt thanks. Please know that we will be available here all the way through July 1 Lord willing. If God is gracious AM will not end up off-line for long–if even at all–but again I remind you that in any event our mailing address will remain the same at:

Apprising Ministries
P.O. Box 340
Claremont, NH 03743

You are certainly encouraged to stay tuned for any updates and if I can be of further service please do not hesitate to contact AM as we prepare for a new chapter in this battle for the absolute Truth of the glorious Gospel of our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. If you haven’t done so already, today I exhort you to join with those of us who are ready to ride to the sound of the guns!