I am pleased to say that the Lord graced me with another opportunity to be a guest on VCY America’s Crosstalk program and join host Ingrid Schlueter. We talked about the critical importance of growing spiritually and the awesome privilege the Father offers us in our walk with Christ in the power of the Spirit.

Here is the program description:

“As the old year ends and the new year is about to begin, rather than discussing new years’ resolutions, the importance of growing spiritually was the topic. Faithfully reading and studying the Bible is a good start, plus prayer–especially starting each day by giving it to the Lord–even before getting out of bed. Praising God in all circumstances, truly worshipping Him, and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our life rather than just giving Him part of it, are other ways to prepare for spiritual growth.”

You can listen to the program here. And I encourage you be sure and look for more information about this fine work for Christ that is going on through VCY America.