The Titanic And The Hole

by Bill Jackson

There was much about the RMS Titanic that was to be commended. The dining facilities were elegant, and every aspect of the ship that catered to the enjoyment of its passengers was superb. Even the least expensive accommodation was far better than their Irish ancestors had experienced 50 years before when they sailed as steerage passengers to escape the dreaded potato famine.

On April 14, 1912 there was a problem that was far more serious and erased all the A+ marks its passengers had enjoyed. The Titanic had a hole in its side.

Roman Catholicism has much for which it can be commended. It usually produces good citizens; wicked popes and pedophilic priests are only a small minority. The Mafia, whose Italian names Catholic objected to when they saw The Untouchables on TV are not that numerous. On social issues we applaud its stand on divorce (although we still wonder a bit about annulments). We admit that the Catholic Church has taken a front line position against abortion and euthanasia (the latter which I especially have a personal reason to applaud).

But there is a problem – quite like the hole in the side of the Titanic. This basic problem far outweighs the many commendable things about Romanism. Roman Catholicism’s “hole” is that they do not present the Gospel message the Savior of the world commissioned. The sacramental/works/sensual “salvation” of Catholicism outweighs by far all the good things she has done.

How should people have reacted to the hole in the side of the Titanic? Would the stewards have been correct if they visited every stateroom and calmly told the occupants that everything is all right; just go back to sleep. Would someone have been called a bigoted fanatic if he rushed through the corridors, shouting loudly, “There’s a hole in the boat. It is doomed to sink.”

Catholic apologists whom I have debated recently seem to think it’s some kind of a game. Whoever racks up the best argument is the winner. No, it is not so.

Though we be called fanatical bigots, we must never cease to proclaim the truth. The game is already over. There is One Winner – the Lord Jesus Christ and only those who are in Christ will share His Victory. One does not become a member of Christ by Baptismal Regeneration. One does not provide his justification by his works. There is only one way into the Body of Christ – being baptized by the Holy Spirit. (See 1 Corinthians 12:13).

There is only one entrance into His Kingdom, by the New Birth we are translated by the Holy Spirit into the Kingdom of His dear Son.

Don’t try to patch the hole.

Don’t try to think Romanism is correct because of a few nice popes.

Realize the only way out is the life boat, and the only Life Boat is Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

Bill Jackson is the director of Christians Evangelizing Catholics and he may be reached at