Crosstalk Program: Emergent Church


Date: August 17, 2005

Host: Ingrid Schlueter

Topic: The Emergent Church

Guest: Pastor Ron Gleason and Chris Pajak

Description: Ron Gleason is the pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Yorba Linda, California and Chris Pajak is a worship pastor at Four Corners Community Church in Shiprock, New Mexico.

Postmodernism is a reaction to rationalism. It incorporates a smorgasbord approach to life and engenders moral chaos because to such people, morals come from personal preference.

It’s from this basis that the emergent church has come upon the religious scene. It’s postmodern in nature, strong on community, strong on aid to the poor and is anti-consumerist.

Mystical, sensory, image rich, and experiential; these are all aspects of today’s emergent church. Ingrid’s guests discuss these aspects along with the leaders in this new church movement.

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