My wife Donna and I do appreciate very much the few who contacted us following our sharing a bit about what Apprising Ministries is to stand for, and our making known the personal needs of this small work in Christ. For those who may wish to know I offer this short follow up to A Humble Appeal.

These Trying Times

Those who have been following this ministry since Christ opened up the door to this Internet pulpit for me have seen that what I have been doing in the Lord is defending His Church by calling people back to studying what the Bible itself has to say. This has never been–and continues not to be–a popular stand to take in the “Christian” community. Truthfully, until one goes back and actually prayerfully reads for themselves what the text of Holy Scripture says, they will have no idea just how far away from what God has taught us the Evangelical church in postmodern America has in fact strayed.

I must tell you that these trying times of growing apostasy we currently find ourselves in are only a small part of a growing judgment Christ Himself is sending upon His Church. It is written: For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:17) With the recent hurricanes across the nation and the local flooding here in New Hampshire not far from where Donna and I currently live, Evangelical leaders are doing well to note the second part of this verse, but this is to miss the big picture.

Regardless of what seems to be the majority of the current Christian thought, our Lord is most interested in His Church and what we are doing in His world. This has nothing to do with Dominion theology, instead this has to do with living as our Lord has taught us to in His Word no matter what a given culture around us might be doing. This is why the Lord is growing ever more angry at this pathetic seeker sensitive and Warrenesque purpose driven capitulation to our pagan postmodern culture by what is attempting to pass itself off as some ecumenical Emergent Church. O how Christ laments so many in His Church making the exact same mistake Israel did–taking the blessings and gifts of God the Father and selfishly blending into the world in order to avoid conflict.

An Unpopular Message Does Not Lead To Popularity

That said, one can probably see why Apprising Ministries has not exactly endeared ourselves to any influential leaders within the Christian Church. Our name, which when said quickly sounds like “uprising,” and our initials AM–as in “awaken: it’s morning”–are designed by the Lord to stir His people to become aroused, and begin to heartily seek His Face by devoting themselves once again to His Word in the Bible.

In closing, we covet your prayers as we continue to ask Jesus which way we should go in attempting to continue this uncompromising stand for His Truth with so little assistance. As I mentioned previously, Donna and I are ever so grateful for the few who responded with their generous gifts, and their the kind words of encouragement. However, on the basis of the amount of email we receive from people who say they enjoy the teachings and articles on the website, and who write me for advise and council, I fear that there are many who seem to believe someone else is helping these soldiers currently serving at our own expense (see–1 Corinthians. 9:7).

I tell you in the Lord that an appeal for help and funding is the single most distasteful thing I do. Unfortunately we do not have a radio program or the like to make regular appeals, nor do we have convenient “products” to offer for “your gift of any amount.” And of course these things are not bad in and of themselves, but we must rely solely upon the generosity of God’s people and their willingness to listen to His Spirit. I trust you will be able to understand what this means in times of apostasy.

This will be the last on this issue, but for now–as Christ may lead–if you enjoy these articles on a wide range of topics touching on the historic orthodox Christian faith will you please take the time to at least drop us a note of encouragement so we’ll know you are there? As I have said Apprising Ministries is a non-profit non-denominational work and I personally do all of the research and writing, which requires quite a bit of time. And if you do consider this ministry a worthy venture in Christ, we pray that you might be willing to take it upon yourself to contribute financially.

Please know that no matter what you may feel led to do, we continue to remain thankful that our Lord has seen fit for me to be able to bring solid biblical truth to the many around the world who are starved for God’s Word, and to be an encouragement to other pastors, ike the one I heard from in Kenya just this morning, to stand for what God said–no matter what–to the end. And please pray with us that I would soon be able to take some of the offers which are now being presented for me to go and speak where these pastors have asked me to come teach.

May the Lord richly bless you through His modest work here at AM, and we pray God will richly reward you for your kindness to a couple of His faithful servants.

Sincerely In Christ;

Pastor Ken Silva