All Words and Music by Ken and Donna Silva

It’s another Friday night, I watch ‘em roll away again;
They’re going to the local bar just to try and find a friend.
“I’ve been working hard all week – I owe it to myself,” they’ll say;
But they don’t even realize, they’re drinking their lives away…

And it makes me wonder, why they don’t just throw up their hands –
And say – “What’s the use? What’s the use?”
And it makes me wonder why their hearts are so hard –
They can’t even hear the truth – they don’t know You…

You see Mary on the corner over there – you’ll see her on the streets tonight;
She’s chasin’ down all the boys – cuz her daddy didn’t treat her right.
Little Tommy in the door over there – just barely turned thirteen;
Now the world wants to call him a man – and he doesn’t even know what it means

And you watch ‘em dressin’ up for the night;
Some of them go out looking for a fight.
They don’t even know what they do –
But the sad thing is Jesus – they don’t know You…

There’s a church in the valley I know – I’ve been there once or twice;
They talk all about God’s love – but their hearts are cold as ice.
They say how they love the Lord – you can hear it every time they sing;
They say you should give Him your all – but they never even do a thing…